Michele and Joe picking pumpkins on Long Island, NY

Michele and Joe Kunz

Our Mission
Our mission is to inform, inspire, and empower healthcare professionals and students to become the most effective and successful healthcare professionals that each can become. ‘Most effective’ means providing the best care possible for the patients.

‘Most successful’ means developing a financially, intellectually, and personally satisfying career. We believe that with the proper training, guidance, and support, every healthcare professional can achieve this success.

Our Business
Our business teaches healthcare professionals and students all the practical subjects that make a healthcare professional effective and successful. We do this by training healthcare professionals and students in the hospital, in the medical office, in the classroom, online, and through our website, books, study guides, videos, and articles. Our teaching methods and aids are presented in a friendly and easy-to-understand format, creating an atmosphere conducive to learning.

Our Values
We believe that the work we do is what the nursing profession needs to make it a more respected occupation and a more satisfying career. The more nurses we can help become effective and successful, the more successful we feel, and the better the nursing profession becomes. Over time, supporting and training more nurses to become more effective and successful will also help convince more hard-working people to enter the nursing profession.

Our Hope
We hope that we can continue to do this work for many more years. The more healthcare professionals and students we help, the more healthcare professionals and students they will help. The healthcare profession has been splendid to us, and we believe and hope that we can help make the healthcare profession good for others too.

Michele G. Kunz
Joseph C. Kunz, Jr.


Michele and Christine at the Breast Cancer Summit Conference, sponsored by LI Plastic Surgical Group

I liked Michele’s YouTube videos very much. They were very informative. After watching, everything began to “click”, and I began to understand much more. Michele was very informative and student friendly. She is very geared to teaching and helping, not failing people.
Laura Monas, RN, Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center Of New York, at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Lake Success, NY

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